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Farmers & Artisans Market Operating Guidelines

Application:  All vendors must complete pages 1 and 2 of this application (or fill out the online application at, listing the types of products they wish to sell at the market. All produce must be grown, edible and non-edible products made within a 100-mile radius of Iron Mountain, Michigan. Vendors wishing to provide and sell produce and other edible products which may be found within a 350-mile radius of Iron Mountain, Michigan, but not grown or produced locally, may be permitted to sell only if approved by the FAM Executive Committee. If the vendor is not directly involved in the production of any items they wish to sell, they must specifically state who has made the products and where they were made. The FAM Executive Committee reserves the right to reject products which are not grown locally or not produced by the vendor directly. The FAM Executive Committee also reserves the right to limit vendor’s secondary and tertiary product lines to avoid market over-saturation.

The primary focus of the Downtown Iron Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market will be locally-grown, farm-fresh produce, entrepreneurial food-based products, and artists / craftspeople who produce handmade, original pieces. Accepted vendors who wish to sell additional products must request a review by the FAM Executive Committee. Antique/memorabilia dealers, third-party representatives, and/or home-based/direct-sales/marketing organizations such as Pampered Chef, Thirty-One, and others will not be allowed. The FAM Executive Committee gives priority to prior-year full-season vendors who are in good standing with the FAM. Priority is also given to vendors who wish to attend for a full season over those intending a weekly space. Vendors who request more than one space will be required to pay an additional fee for each additional space (see page 1 of application for cost).

Once an application has been approved by the FAM Executive Committee, the vendor will be notified by their preferred method of contact. All efforts will be made for a prompt application approval or rejection. Applications must be submitted, at minimum, by 3:00 pm on the Tuesday before market day that coming Saturday. Payment will be required to reserve vendor’s space(s) and proceed with attendance; no vendor is permitted without these two criteria fulfilled prior to market day.

Registration, Fees and Attendance:  No refunds will be given for a vendor who does not attend, regardless if a weekly vendor or full-season vendor. Any full-season vendor who fails to attend on a regular basis may not be accepted as a full-season vendor the following year. Full-season vendors will be granted the right to select their spot at the market, collaborating with the DDA Program Coordinator  in doing so, and will maintain that spot for the entire year. Weekly vendors understand that their spot will be selected by the DDA Program Coordinator (or their on-site representative), and they may not be in the same designated spot each week they attend. If any vendor (weekly or full-season) is not at the market by 7:45 AM or has not provided the DDA Program Coordinator advance notice of their late arrival, the DDA Program Coordinator (or their on-site representative) will assume they are not attending and has the right to assign that space to another vendor for that particular Saturday. Weekly vendors who wish to come aboard as a full-season vendor may do so by requesting the change with the DDA Program Coordinator and submitting payment; the full-season rate will be adjusted by deducting the amount which the weekly vendor has already paid. Please see page 1 of the application for all promotion and advertising assistance which vendors will receive with their participation in a FAM full season. If any vendor’s blatant, obvious or intentional failure to comply with market guidelines is affecting the market and/or other vendors, they will be referred to the DDA Program Coordinator and the FAM Executive Committee for review. Examples include but are not limited to: unauthorized merchandise sales, allowing another party to sell within their space, providing inaccurate or deceptive information on the application. If they fail to correct the non-compliance, they may be asked by the DDA Program Coordinator and the Executive Committee to leave the market for the remainder of the season and will forfeit their fees. The Downtown Iron Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market is a non-profit venture, and all incoming vendor funds will be spent only on expenditures specifically related to the Market and Market’s long-term benefit such as advertising, promotion, sustainability, and vendor/public safety.

Vendor Space Use, Signage and Products Sold:  Parking stall spaces are approximately 10’ W x 15’ L. In order to give the FAM a tight-knit and welcoming feel, the entire front space of parking spots being used by the vendor must be utilized for sales, with vehicles parked away from the customer. Vendors should display products in a clean and attractive way and should minimize safety hazards. All tents, canopies and umbrellas must be completely secured by weights or tied down in a safe fashion to prevent any injury. Failure to comply with this practice may result in being asked to remove the canopy/tent entirely from the space. Electric cords must be marked and placed/secured in a way that greatly reduces tripping hazards. Vendors must clearly display the name of their business and post prices for all items being sold. Collusion and deceptive pricing practices are prohibited. Deliberate and significant undercutting of a competitor’s pricing to gain market advantage is strongly discouraged. Food and produce vendors should provide signage that specifically indicates where food is grown, produced, or if purchased from another farm. In addition, vendors shall post all permits and/or licenses, and comply with all federal, state and local requirements. No more than one (1) enterprise per space will be allowed.

Market Schedule, Hours, Loading/Unloading, and Clean-Up:  The FAM for 2024 will be held a total of 20 Saturdays beginning with June 1 for the first market and October 12 for the final market of the season. An additional market may be held on Saturday, October 19, 2024, if weather permits, vendors wish to participate, and the City of Iron Mountain approves use of the parking lot. The FAM operates from 8 AM until 12 PM Central Time. Vendors may arrive between 6:45 and 7:45 AM to begin preparing their space(s) for the FAM. To present a unified market to the consumers, vendors are encouraged to refrain from selling their products prior to 8 AM. Vendors can begin departing at noon. The FAM Executive Committee understands that sometimes a vendor must leave early; however, we ask that it not be a regular occurrence so as to 1) not disappoint FAM customers who arrive later in the morning; and 2) avoid vehicular movement within the market for the safety of customers. Vendors are responsible for cleaning all trash and waste within and around their allocated space. A refuse container will be provided within the FAM area.

Licenses, Inspections and Liability Insurance:  All vendors are required to secure proper licenses and complete inspections for the operation of their business and sale of their product(s). That information is to be provided on page 1 of this application. The market is subject to regular inspections by the Dickinson County Health Department (DCHD) and the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD). The Downtown Iron Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market, the Downtown Development Authority, and City of Iron Mountain are not liable for any non-compliance with any federal, state and local laws, guidelines and ordinances. All persons involved in the operation of the stall are to submit a completed Hold Harmless Agreement to the DDA Program Coordinator (see page 2 of this application).

Cottage Food Vendors:  Please review information from the State of Michigan regarding the Cottage Food Laws. The City of Iron Mountain, the Downtown Development Authority, and Downtown Iron Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market encourage vendors who operate under this law to obtain liability insurance above and beyond what the Downtown Development Authority provides the market, and to provide a copy with their application.

Pets and Smoking:  The Downtown Iron Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market aims to provide a healthy, comfortable and family-friendly environment for all market attendees. Therefore, smoking and vaping by vendors is prohibited within the FAM space during market hours. It is also objectionable to  FAM customers as well. Please show courtesy to other vendors and the public by keeping your distance from the FAM and considering wind direction if smoking during market set-up and tear-down times. Service animals are welcome, and all are required to be on a leash and under the control of the owner while within the FAM space.

Complaints and Feedback:  Please direct vendor and public complaints and feedback regarding the FAM to the DDA Program Coordinator or any member of the FAM Executive Committee.

Market Executive Committee and DDA Program Coordinator:  The FAM Executive Committee is responsible for all decisions pertaining to vendor application approval/denials, and also complaint resolutions among vendors. The DDA Program Coordinator is responsible for advertising and promotion, and also market operations. The FAM Executive Committee is comprised of 5-7 vendors elected by qualifying vendors during the off season between October and June. The Downtown Development Authority does not have any voting power on the FAM Executive Committee, but may attend meetings and provide input. Vendor applications are accepted or rejected by majority vote. The FAM Executive Committee will also mediate any disputes between market vendors and assist the DDA Program Coordinator in any capacity they deem necessary for the functioning of the Downtown Iron Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market under their umbrella of patronage and support. The DDA Program Coordinator is the liaison between the Executive Committee and FAM vendors, and the general public. He/she is responsible for collecting vendor fees, as well as coordinating the execution of market promotion and advertising (including TV, social media and radio).

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