Downtown Flowers Are Coming Back!

planting flowers greenhouse iron mountain miThe Downtown Development Authority (DDA) staff, more than a few awesome volunteers, and other folks have been busy getting ready to bring flowers to Downtown Iron Mountain! The Downtown Flowers are coming back right around June 1 , with 40 hanging baskets, 48 sidewalk planters, and 12 small gardens throughout Downtown. The flowers are a key part of making Downtown Iron Mountain beautiful and complement the annual festivals and events that help everyone enjoy the summer in the heart of the community.

The colors and plants were selected by our panel of experts, also known as the Beautification Committee. Members of that Committee are also instrumental in coordinating the planting schedule, actually planting the flowers, and rounding up a small army of volunteers. Even though the flowers are in bloom for about 4 months from June through September, the beautification program takes a year-round effort involving DDA staff, about 30 volunteers, a few dedicated hardworking people who water the flowers nearly every day throughout the summer, and the Iron Mountain Department of Public Works. The DDA has a greenhouse to prepare hanging baskets and shelter flowers in May, and to store materials and equipment needed to install and water the flowers as well. That facility is a hub of activity for a year-round cycle of work.

prepare planters downtown iron mountain miFlowers are delivered in mid-May and planted for the summer by June 1. Then, watering, weeding, and other maintenance is performed 5-7 times per week during the summer. In the fall, hanging baskets are taken down, cleaned, and stored in the greenhouse. Sidewalk planters and gardens are cleaned and cleared for the winter. Flowers are ordered about 8 months in advance for spring. Soil, mulch, fertilizer, and other supplies are acquired in time to assemble hanging baskets, prepare gardens and sidewalk planters in time for spring planting. Then, we do it all over again!

All of this is able to happen because of generous financial support from a group of sponsors, business owners, and citizens. The most prominent of these is Downtown Flowers Signature Sponsor RiZE, our largest donor.  Our crew of dedicated hardworking volunteers also includes a group of RiZE employees.

watering downtown flowers iron mountain miPlease go to the Downtown Flowers web page to see all of our 2024 sponsors and supporters, to make an individual donation, or purchase flower t-shirts. All told, all of our sponsors and volunteers are essential to fund roughly $12,000 to $15,000 per year it takes to bring the flowers to Downtown Iron Mountain and keep them flourishing throughout the summer. It’s all done with minimal tax dollars.

Coinciding with the appearance of Downtown Flowers, the summer festival and event season is about to kick off in Downtown Iron Mountain with 3 great activities within one week. It all starts with the Farmers & Artisans Market on Saturday June 1. Then next week comes the first installment of Out To Lunch on June 6, followed by Brew Fest on Saturday June 8. Information for all summer 2024 Downtown Iron Mountain festivals and events can be found on the Events page. While you’re downtown, it’s a good time to visit a wide array of downtown businesses. For a complete list, see the Business Directory. If you need information on downtown parking, that’s also easy to find on the Parking page.

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The Iron Mountain Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was established in 1978 with the purpose of improving and maintaining infrastructure, buildings, and public spaces within the Downtown District. Current DDA functions also include downtown beautification through gardens and public art, organizing and conducting community events, attracting and promoting businesses, and planning for continuing improvements to the Iron Mountain downtown area.

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