DDA Is Seeking Board and Committee Members

The Iron Mountain Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is currently looking for people to serve on the DDA Board of Directors and several DDA Committees. This is a unique opportunity to be involved in setting the direction of a variety of high-visibility and impactful activities including events, beautification, and business development. All of those activities are also guided by committees of the same name, consisting of Board members, business owners, residents, and other interested stakeholders.

Serving on the DDA Board and Committees is a volunteer activity that demonstrates a firm commitment to the economic potential and vibrancy of the Iron Mountain area, which is anchored by the downtown. This is an opportunity for creative and forward thinking people to guide and influence the activities leading to successful downtown events and festivals, improving public spaces, buildings, and infrastructure, and promoting businesses. All of those activities foster an attractive, vibrant, and economically growing heart of our community. To find out more about the DDA Board and committees, and to apply, go to the Board Info page.

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The Iron Mountain Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was established in 1978 with the purpose of improving and maintaining infrastructure, buildings, and public spaces within the Downtown District. Current DDA functions also include downtown beautification through gardens and public art, organizing and conducting community events, attracting and promoting businesses, and planning for continuing improvements to the Iron Mountain downtown area.

Downtown Iron Mountain, Michigan